I really need some suggestions


Oct 11, 1999
Ok, as you guys all know, I've been working my ass off to coordinate my hike for this coming April. It's a charity hike, and I'm hoping to contact a bunch of companies to get support - but most of my letters just seem to be falling through the cracks.
I'm trying to work with the following companies right now...

Kelty (this is a big one)

But everything I'm trying seems to just be ignored. Y'all have been out there in the corporate world a bit longer, collectively, than I have; do you have any suggestions to guide me in the right direction? We've settled on what gear we want to trek with, and we're trying to contact the companies to collect some of it now, so that all the funds we raise go directly to the ADA.

The donations are tax-deductible, so the companies we have found hook-ups in (people that work for the companies that we already know, etc.) have been extremely supportive. But when we haven't got that inside connection, there's nothing.

thanks again for any and all help-