I Hate Steam *updated with more reasons!*


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Feb 21, 2003
I know people have been posting about how much they hate steam however my complaint about steam is unique--- i downloaded the patched version (becuase like everyone my patching process was not working) so it looked like evreything was going allright....and then i try and join a game and it says my Steam Token Expired please login again

what the hell is this now? any1 else getting this?

ok i tried signing up with diff user names and used my firends etc etc no luck

so i figured wtf i mite as well remove it from the computer

i do that

and now i cant get into half-life or counter-strike (1.5)....its telling me that steam depended on these or something like that....wtf is the bs!!!! now i gotta reinstall cs and hl? i HATE STEAM


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Feb 19, 2003
I downloaded the 395 mB patch of fileplanet, and I cannot get into ANY servers, it tells me i have to update i click download and it doesnt do chit

So i exited Steam and now it wont load..........correction it does nothing for 5 minutes then comes back and tells me steam cannot be connected.