I can't believe what happened at a local computer store earlier...

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Jan 16, 2001

<< I've been to quite a few places that have acted bitter towards me, because I'm aware of what I should be buying/paying thanks to the Internet. If I hear one more sob story about how they have to charge me more than I can get it online to pay for the rent of the property, and how I should thus pay more as well, I'm gonna puke. >>

Thank you; I agree. There's a large computer/electronic supply wharehouse type place in my town. They actually have a decent range of products. I.E. they do carry newer Asus/Abit/Intel mobos, but they get them about 4 months after they've been out on the net and they charge an arm and a leg for them. (Must be that "gotta pay the rent" thing ;))

Anyway, me being the semi-technically hip and savvy guy that I am (thanks to AT :D) I go in there from time to time just to see what they have and chat up the salesdorks to check their head and see how hip they are on the new technology.

I got into an arguement w/two of them. They were adamant that the "new Abit KR7A mobo uses PC133 ram". I politely told them "no, you're thinking of the KT7A; THAT uses PC133, the KR7 uses DDR." I told them, "you've got the mobo box right there, read it." They weren't too pleased. :D

They just have no desire to read up on the latest technology. I mean, at least admit that you don't know the answer. When I'm chatting w/someone that I know most prolly has the latest info on whatever subject we're chatting about, I'm not gonna make a big ass of myself by pretending to know. Duh. :confused: