I am one stupid kid -- EDIT: I got the stitches

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Oct 17, 1999
Originally posted by: illusion88
I like to juggle knives. I use it as a stress relieve kind of thing. And for as long as I could throw something I havn't been hurt. That is until today. I have this weighted thing that fun to throw and what not. Well today I was tossing it up like I normally do. But instead of catching the handle I cought the tip into the meat of my hand, right below the thumb. I really should go get stitches, it is deep. It didnt bleed much but it is one deep wound. Instead i got butterfly bandages and tapped it up. I bandaged my thumb so I dont move it for a few days.
I am one stupid kid. Stabbed myself in my hand...

EDIT: they gave me 3 of them. And they gave me a tetnus shot. It was fun. The best part was they were packed and I still got done in less then an hour. Sorry, no pics.
Another candidate for a You gotta see this epidsode...

You or your relatives can send a tape to here.