I am never playing CS:S again.

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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: swtethan
I find it pretty funny you think cs is supposed to be battlefield 2 or graw or socom. CS is a game and thats the way they wanted to make the game (fake), people awp because it gets them the most kills per round and the best chance for survival. People do whatever they can to help them win, B-hop, strafing, quick scope, quick switch, crouching, etc..... if you cant compete, dont complain.
If they didn't want CS to be realistic, then why did they include ragdoll physics? Why is there accurate weapon modeling? Why are there such detailed human models? Why did they make short bursts more accurate than full auto? For that matter, why include any other weapons besides an AWP?

I think Valve intended it to be a fairly life-like simulation, but the bunny-hopping, strafing, quick scope, quick switch, crouching win-at-all-costs-instead-of-have-fun-with-the-game people have basically ruined it. It has gotten so bad that there are a number of servers out there that either limit the number of AWPs per team or ban them entirely. Obviously some people have realized that the AWPers have gotten out of hand in their all-out quest for points.

If you play for the sole purpose of getting a higher score than everybody else, that's your business. I play to have fun. And the best part? I can still compete fairly well, even against AWPers. In your AWPers-are-supreme arrogance, don't assume that simply because I choose not to AWP that somehow makes me an inferior player. By your own admission, AWPs give you a greater advantage while playing. So with scores being equal, that would make the non-AWPer the more skilled player.

Something to ponder.


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Jun 20, 2005
Ragdoll physics and models are just eye candy, in real life they don't even operate like that, plus the burst shots is just a way to balance the game in favor of people that rely on aiming skills instead spray and pray all game, how does having those elements in game qualify CS as an approach to realism? Counterstrike is nothing but a fast paced team deathmatch modification that switches rocket launchers and laser cannons out for modern guns, it's always been Gooseman's goal dating back from its predecessors such as Action Quake 2 and Urban Terror.

If you want to avoid all those bunny hoppers just play the Insurgency mod.