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Discussion [HWUB] Nvidia has a driver overhead problem. . .

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Magic Carpet

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Oct 2, 2011
If you put everything maxed on without understanding the visual vs perf impact of each individual setting, you will likely get a sub-par experience.
It is clear that the game has gone through the hands of a number of developers, performance and graphics quality can greatly vary from one place to another.

With DLSS enabled it runs well even with every individual setting set to the max, however. That’s the reason I bought 3090 for, to avoid tinkering with zillions of graphical settings. I thought 2080 Ti was ready for 4K, now I see, that even 3090 is pretty average for 4K high refresh, max RT quality gaming. And that ~500w of heat warming up my room during longer sessions...

I did test my older 4790K rig and it was fine in my games at 4K with 3090. Shadow of Tomb Raider was the only game lagging a bit in town areas, but still playable (>30 fps). Wish I had a Radeon 6000 series GPU to test it against, but I can’t get 1 for a reasonable price.
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