HW RAID Compatable Harddrives

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    With people using cheaper HDD and not enterprise class drives for home raids, I've noticed over the last year people have had issues with some drives being 'bounced out' of their arrays.

    I've seen work arounds dealing with the firmware of some drives, and being able to enable/disable TLER and what not.

    But my question is this:

    When these new drives hit the market; has anyone devised a way to test / method / gather information, from a single drive that would indicate that a specific make /model / firmware etc, would be a good a good candidate for HW raid arrays?
    (ya know - without just buying 5 or so drives, and trying them out???)

    Additionally Does anyone put their individual drives through some tests before they plug them into their raid arrays? (like a burn in period and recheck type of thing?)
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    I just buy Red's and go. All that time, testing and data teasing is money too.