Lemon law

Nov 6, 2005
A number of days ago, we had a thread on

In the fine fine print was the disclaimer of updated daily until Nov 4.

I can say, as a partisan democrat, that this democratic website is really really funny.
Sort of a cross between leisure suit Larry and sledge hammer satire. But its just loaded with Easter eggs, and I was not sure if I found them all on day one. Some of them are well hidden.

So I have been checking daily, and can now finally state definitively, that there is a new one today, namely shoot the white rabbit, that was not there yesterday. Correct me if I am wrong, but yesterdays update was 12 wolf kills.

But I can still hope I am open minded enough to see an equal humor to a similar GOP website. I can practically write it myself, open the door and Willie Ayers blows you up, click on the flag, and the Rev Wright says God damn America, its equal grist for the humor mill. And at the end of the day, its where all these inane attack adds belong.

Come on you GOP wimps, surely you can come up with a similar website.

And if anyone can give me a email link to the programmers at,, I have so many ideas they might be able to use if they ever run shy of new creative ideas.

And you GOP folks should come up with a similar website, I will happily play. It may not change my vote, but I enjoy well done humor and good puzzles.

You knew there was a thread already about this, so why not post it there?

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