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How To Use Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

Microsoft Edge intends to be your preferred browser for modern internet where you surf the internet using Windows 10. It is a functional browser that has been tried and tested for sometime, and found to be functional. A question that ranges in everyone’s mind is how to use Microsoft Edge in an effective manner. This article will take you through few steps on how you can use Microsoft Edge.

Step 1
Launch 'Microsoft Edge'

Some people prefer to launch 'Microsoft Edge' using the edgy E icon pinned on the task bar of on the 'Start Menu' while others will find on the list of all applications of the PC. If you don’t find it easily, look at the bottom of the screen and you are highly likely to find it. The 'Microsoft Edge' icon is blue in color.

Step 2
Search on 'Bing'

After launching 'Microsoft Edge', you will find several snippets of 'Microsoft' content and 'MSN' apps. Microsoft has endeavored to make the Edge homepage similar to 'Cortana' for ease of searching your preferred pages. You can search news such as sports, weather, visit 'YouTube', and other interesting pages.

Step 3
Navigating the 'Browser'

It is pretty interesting to navigate the browser. Type the web address you need on the browser and use the forward and backward arrows to move back and forth the pages you need. If you need a new tab, Click the '+' sign on the header bar or use the shortcut 'Ctrl+T'.

These simple steps will help you use 'Microsoft Edge' easily.
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