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How To Use Find My Device To Locate Your System In Windows 10


We have been facing problems with the stolen or a lost device for a long time, but nowadays it’s very effortless to find those devices by using technology. Find my device is one of the essential functions we find in the Windows operating system. It is quite similar to the GPS system as it works to track the lost or stolen devices. The same way Find My Device will track your devices connected with Microsoft account and pinpoint the location of your device on the map. if you want to find out where is your windows 10 device, maybe misplaced or if stolen. Here’s how to use find my device to locate your system in Windows 10.

Step 1
Open 'All Settings'

From the right corner of your taskbar, click and launch the notification centre. Next, simply click the 'All Settings' button. The windows settings app will open.


Step 2
Open 'Update & Security'

From the 'Windows Settings' app, click and launch 'Update & Security'. The update and security settings will appear.


Step 3
Go to 'Find my Device'

From the left pane of the 'Update & Security' settings, click 'Find My Device'. The container screen to the right will display settings related to Find my device.


Step 4
Turn On 'Find My Device'

From the container screen to the right of the left pane, ensure that the Find my device option is turned on and if it is not, simply click 'Change' and turn it on. Please ensure that your location services are enabled, and you are logged in into Microsoft account. The Find my device settings will turn on.


Step 5
Track 'Device'

From the container screen, click on the We link stationed below the Change button, log in to your Microsoft account to see the devices linked with your account. Click 'Show Details' button below your device and then click 'Find My Device' to see the location in the map. The location of your device will be displayed on the map.


There you go! You are now ready to use the find my device feature to locate your system in Windows 10.
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