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How to Turn On Bluetooth in Windows 10

Even if the Bluetooth device (hardware) is enabled on your computer (that could be done using either the Bluetooth switch or by pressing a key or combination of keys (in case of laptop)), you must also turn it on from within Windows 10 before you can connect your PC to other Bluetooth devices to share files and media.

After ensuring that the Bluetooth device is enabled, here’s how you can turn on the Bluetooth option in your Windows 10 computer:

Step 1
Open Cortana

Click inside the Cortana search box present next to the Start button. This opens the Cortana menu. Depending on your Windows 10 configuration, this menu may have a list of apps or files you searched most recently.

Step 2
Open the Bluetooth & other devices window

Type BLUETOOTH in the Cortana search box and press Enter. This opens the Bluetooth & other devices window. From here you can add new Bluetooth devices, and view and remove the already paired ones.


Step 3
Turn on Bluetooth

Click the Bluetooth switch. This turns on (if turned off) Bluetooth on your Windows 10 computer. Once enabled, you can start pairing and/or using Bluetooth devices on your PC.



Note: If you are using a desktop computer, you can buy a USB Bluetooth adapter to give your PC Bluetooth functionality.
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