Question How to transfer blocked numbers

Nov 26, 2005
Over the past 10 or more years I've accumulated a very large collection of blocked numbers from spam calls and spam text messages with my iPhone 7. A recent update 15.7.7 (Zero Day Exploit fix) has really been giving my phone some problems. Odd 'no service' cellular service, has happened even on Wi-Fi. Camera sometimes will not take a picture. Voice to text stopped working. Then, what the Genius Bar sales person said, "the microphone is bad" after explaining sometimes my phone won't take a call and sometimes it will: but either way i'm not being heard. Told me this while purchasing a new iPhone. So I'm in the transitional stage of possibly switching to a new iPhone. I might still try n see if I can get the 7 to work/fixed. So I've never used iCloud for a phone transfer. Will the blocked numbers also be transferred over? If not is there a way to do this?


btw which takes better pictures, the iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max? What's the iPhone 14 Plus???

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Jan 27, 2022
It should transfer over as it copies the phone settings to smoke it idiot proof.

With android thru backup to your online contacts and sync upon a new phone connecting to Google.

OnePlus does things a little sleeker with an app called phone clone that sets up an adhoc wifi connection between the phones and then copies all of your stuff literally from one to the other. Downside is you have to reinstall some apps for them to work right or clear the data.

Either way you should probably setup cloud and save a backup or backup with itunes. You don't want to be that 0.02% that it doesn't work for.
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Nov 26, 2005
Which is a better/faster backup system, iCloud or iTunes, for a complete transfer to a new iPhone? ISP is 300/10 Over 200GB of content to transfer

EDIT: looks like one has to have a MS account to download it from the MS App store, and then the reviews all say it's a piece of junk app.. looks like Apple wants people to pay for a subscription rather than use a free app and do it for free
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