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How To Speed Windows 10 Boot Time


Windows 10 is the fastest and the latest one in the array of Microsoft’s Windows OS lineup. Microsoft boasts it to as one of the fastest OS they have ever produced. For any OS, the boot time does matter a lot to a lot of users. Here’s how you can speed up windows 10 boot time.

Step 1
Open Control Panel

Click on the 'Start' menu with the windows logo on the bottom left side of your laptop screen and type in 'Control Panel' and Hit 'Enter'.


Step 2
Open 'Power' Options

Click on 'Hardware and Sound' which will allow you to open up 'Power' Options. If the interface is not like the screenshot you can change it in the top right View By feature.


Step 3
Click on 'Power' Options

Now select ‘Power Option’.


Step 4
Click on Choose What the Power Button Does

You can now click on choose what the 'Power' button.


Step 5
Check Turn On Fast Startup

You will now have to check turn on fast startup which will start your PC faster.


And that is how you can easily speed up the windows 10 boot time with just a few clicks.
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