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How To Set Up A Metered Internet Connection In The Windows 10 System

Sometimes, users might want to track the amount of data usage. Windows 10 provides the feature wherein the users can easily check the amount of data used and whether it is below the limit they set. The ‘Metered connection’ mode helps in the reduction of the usage of bandwidth when connected to the designated network. Here is how you can easily set up a metered Internet connection in the Windows 10 system.

Step 1
Click ‘Start Windows’ Icon

Click the ‘Start Windows’ icon that is present at the left corner of the taskbar. You can also press the ‘Start Windows’ key present on your keyboard.

Step 2
Select ‘Settings’ Option

After clicking the 'Start Windows Icon', you will find the frequently accessed setting option and the applications. Here press the ‘Settings’ option to view all settings.

Step 3
Click ‘Network & Internet’ Settings Option

From the list of settings option available, you must choose the ‘Network & Internet’ settings option to view settings related to Wi-Fi, VPN, etc.

Step 4
Click ‘Wi-Fi’ Option

In the Network & Internet setting window, click the ‘Wi-Fi’ option present at the left pane of this window. On clicking this option, you will find the Wi-Fi related settings.

Step 5
Click on the 'Connected Wi-Fi'

Click the 'Connected Wi-Fi Name' as shown below to view additional 'Wi-Fi Settings'.

Step 6
Turn on ‘ Metered Connection’

You turn on the metered connection by clicking the toggle bar of the option, ‘Set a Metered Connection’ as shown below.

You can now easily set up a metered internet connection in the Windows 10 system by following the above steps sequentially.
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