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How to Set a Picture as Desktop Wallpaper in Mac OS X


Your Mac OS X comes custom built with a wide selection of photos for you to choose from to set as your desktop screen wallpaper. Additionally, you can also select from your own photos.

Step 1
Select ‘Apple’ Menu > ‘System Preferences’

To begin, select the ‘Apple’ menu icon that states ‘System Preferences’.


Step 2
Select the ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ Selection

This choice will be listed under the selection of ‘System Preferences’. Once selected, the Desktop and Screen Saver Panel will pop-up.


Step 3
Choose an ‘Image’

From the Desktop and Screen Saver Pop-up Panel, choose a file from the pictures located on the left. Select a picture by clicking on the right of it to change the picture of your desktop.


Step 4
The Dynamic 'Desktop'

In a folder labeled MacOS Mojave, Dynamic Desktop has installed a compilation of stunning pictures that automatically adjust to sync with the time of day in your time zone. Two Dynamic Desktop themes are available to choose from; Mojave and Solar Gradients; they are available in Mojave Day or Mojave Night as well.


Step 5
Your Photos as ‘Desktop’

Enter your ‘Photos’ App. Right-click the photo you would like to select. Select Share from the available shortcut menu, and then select Set Desktop Picture from the pop-up submenu.


If you are operating with multiple screens, drag the image Photos window to the desktop screen that you are wanting to change.
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