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How To Search For Files Using Cortana In Windows 10

The search feature and cortana are one and the same in Windows 10. The Cortana feature gives you an easy time as you search for your files through the numerous folders on your laptop. Cortana can search your PC entirely from settings, control panel, apps, files, and other features. Type anything on Cortana and a sugestion will appear for you to choose what you need. Here is how you can search for a file in Windows 10 using Cortana.

Step 1
Click on the 'Cortana Feature'

The 'Cortana Search Box' is at the bottom left of your Windows 10 screen. It has a space for you to type your request. The search box also has a mic which you can tap and say out loud what you need to search using 'Cortana'.

Step 2
Type Your Request on the 'Cortana Search Box'

You can as well tap the mic and say what you are searching for. Cortana searches your PC and tries to match what you typed with what you have saved on your laptop.

Step 3
Click on the File you Need on the Pop Up Screen

As you type your request on the 'Cortana Search Box', it will display suggestions until you type the specific file you need. Click on the particular file you need to open.

For example, if you need to change the settings of time and date, you will click on 'Change the Date & Time'.

Use these three simple steps to search for any file via the help of 'Cortana'.
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