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How to Reset a Mac OS X to Factory Settings


Whenever you want a fresh original version of your Mac Operating system, you can opt to reset your system to factory settings. Generally, this will involve the erasing of the Mac hard drive and then beginning with the reinstallation of the Mac OS X to your system. It should be remembered that all the personal data will be removed. Here is how you can reset a Mac OS to factory settings.

Step 1
Press the ‘Command and R Key’

Firstly, press the ‘Commnd + R Key’ in your keyboard to get access to your Mac OS X utilities settings.


Step 2
Selecting ‘Disk Utility’

In the OS X Utility dialog window, you will find different utility options for your Mac OS X system. Choose the ‘Disk Utility’ option to view the settings related to resetting the operating system to factory settings.


Step 3
Select ‘Erase’

In the disk utility window, choose the ‘C’ option from the left pane of the utility window. A dialog box will appear with the Mac name and its format. Select the ‘Erase’ option as shown below.


Step 4
Select ‘Reinstall Mac OS X’

Now in the Mac OS X utilities window, you need to choose the ‘Reinstall Mac OS X’ option as shown below. Press ‘Continue’ button.


Step 5
Select ‘Macintosh HD’

You can install the Mac OS on either the OX X base system or in the Macintosh HD. Choose the ‘Macintosh HD’ option to ensure that the Mac OS is installed on the selected Macintosh HD.


Step 6
Select ‘Continue’

Now press the ‘Continue’ button to continue the process to setup the installation of the Mac OS X after factory reset has been done.


‘You can now easily reset a Mac OS X to factory settings by following the above steps’ .
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