how to remove? money pak virus?

Discussion in 'Security' started by NiceCold, Nov 19, 2012.

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    nevermind got it.

    combo fix does the job
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    Serves you right for trying to rip off people using a generator, Sorry but I hate scammers like you.
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    Let me add my 2 cents worth.....
    I do some consulting on thye side besides my real job.....
    I have run accross 3 computers infected with the "FBI" warning.....

    I have been able to get them operational again using 3 different methods.

    Before we start all of them were stuck on the FBI screen.
    None of them had the virus running in the task manager as some sites ask you to check the task manager to make sure it is not for lack of a better word - replicating itself.

    Here we go....
    All 3 of these were done in SAFE MODE!!
    System #1 I used a program called Malwarebytes` anti malware. On this particular computer I just had to run that program and that was it!
    But if this program does not have the latest updates it will not work.

    System #2 I also used a program called -- Emisoft anti-malware.....that worked. On this computer for some reason I believe it was due to not being uptdated -- Malwarebytes did not work!

    System #3 I could not get iether of the above 2 anti malware programs to work properly.
    So I went into system files via accessories -- system tools -- system restore.
    That worked splendidly!

    There was some talk in other threads about this virus getting into your registry....
    I did not find that to be the case. With that said -- I am not saying it is not possible.

    This is what worked for me as I worked on my clients computers.

    What is funny is one of these computers belonged to a local Police Officer and I am sure he was scanning pornographic sites from his home...lolol
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