How to keep warm in winter If power goes out for days and you're snowed in?

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May 31, 2005
If you get a generator you do want a way to tie it down though, it WILL get stolen. Thieves don't care about the weather. They are out there rain or shine and in fact are more likely to be out if there is a big blackout. The only way to stop thieves is law changes but that's another topic.

Again, if you have thieves wandering around stealing running generators when the roads are so bad that people can't get out of their homes then I'd be very curious as to where you live. But going further from the OPs specific winter scenario and just saying power outages any time of the year then I can see that being a problem. Is it an issue where I live? No, as the crime rate isn't bad and nearly all homes have fenced in yards where the generator would be sitting. But I can see it being a problem for people.


Dec 15, 2015
... Back to OP... A handful of candles will actually generate a fair amount of heat if the space you care about is small. In my case, if it got really bad, I'd probably carve out a pocket of snow on our pavement outside and set up a fire in a firepit. It'd feel warmer there than in the house. From there, I'd probably make a shitload of soup with whatever warming up in the fridge. Hot water carries a LOT of energy.

Oh, mental note, cut the breaker to the well pump and empty the water tanks so all the pipes in the house don't rip themselves apart.

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May 24, 2003
If you have a fire pit you can always throw some big rocks or bricks in it too then bring them inside, it will at least transfer a bit of heat over. Just keep an eye on them, ex: don't put them somewhere unattended. I'd be tempted to put them in the basement near the plumbing, maybe on top of the washer or dryer or something as it's a metal surface. Ideally on top of other bricks that were kept inside.

If you do shut the water off keep in mind that there is always water that will stay between your main valve and the city so you need to keep that section of pipe warm still.


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Jul 27, 2004
I use my wood stoves, even without the blowers being able to run it will keep the house warm, even in the coldest weather, plus they put off enough heat to reach all areas (3600 sq/ft) to prevent frozen pipes.


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Jun 5, 2008
Don't they make vent kits for generators if you wanted to keep one in the garage?

Also, you could make some sort of heavy duty loop or loops and sink them in concrete with the loops sticking out and you could then chain and lock your generator safely outside. Much cheaper than a pair of sentry guns. You could also make a "dog house" enclosure for your generator to keep it out of the elements and prevent theft.


Oct 20, 2003
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Jun 5, 2011

Keep a few blocks scattered around the house and when the need arises stack em in a pile.