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Question How to get better memory stability on Haswell/Gigabyte Z87 platform?


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Oct 9, 1999
I've had issues with resuming from sleep using all 4 RAM slots on my Core i5-4670K@4.5Ghz with Gigabyte Z87 chipset motherboard. With 2x4GB DDR3, there's no problems. Once I go 4x4GB, sometimes I can't resume from sleep...the system turns on and then powers off in a couple seconds. I'm just running the RAM at stock XMP timings (800Mhz CL9 @ 1.35v), and increasing the memory voltage to 1.5v didn't help with the 'resume from sleep' issue. I've used different brand memory modules as well to make sure it's not related to that...it comes down to using all 4 RAM slots. Same thing happened on a Gigabyte B85 chipset motherboard as well, so maybe it's just a Gigabyte thing and there's no hope for using all 4 memory slots when it comes to resuming from sleep.

But what other voltages can I try increasing for better memory stability resuming from sleep?