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How To Create The Restore Point In Windows 10 System


Creating a system restore point is very essential as it will help the user to roll back their system to the last best working condition of the system. In case of the windows error or when you need to unroll the settings change made by the user, restore point helps in this. Once the restore point is created, you can restore your system settings to the user's desired restore point level. Here is how you can create the restore point in the Windows 10 system.

Step 1
Click ‘Windows’ Icon

User must first click the ‘Windows’ icon present at the corner of the taskbar. By clicking the icon, you can find many easily accessible setting options and application list.


Step 2
Select ‘Create a Restore Point’

Scroll the option, use the search feature to locate the restore point options. From the list of options, the user must select the ‘Create a Restore Point’ option as shown below.


Step 3
Select ‘System Protection’ Tab

The system properties tab gets opened as shown in the below picture. User has to select the ‘System Protection’ tab to find all settings related to restore and the restore points configuration.


Step 4
Select ‘Configure’ Option

User should select their preferred local drive and click the ‘Configure’ button to configure the restore settings and manage the disk spaces required for creating the restore point.


Step 5
Enable ‘System Protection’

In the restore settings, click the checkbox for the option, ‘Turn on the system protection‘. You should also allocate some disk space usage by moving the slide bar as shown below to create the restore point successfully.


Step 6
Click ‘Apply’

After choosing the required restore configuration settings, click the ‘Apply’ button.


Step 7
Click ‘Create’ Option

After configuring the restore settings and disk space, user can now click the ‘Create’ option to create the restore point.


Step 8
Click ‘Create’ Button

Enter the description to identify the restore point to be created. Time and date get added automatically. Then click the ‘Create’ option. It might take some time to create the restore point.


You can easily create the restore point in Windows 10 by following the above steps.
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