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How to Choose Startup Programs in Windows 10

Startup programs are configured to initialize automatically as your Windows 10 computer boots. While this makes your important and essential apps easily accessible without you having to launch them manually, it slows down the boot process as OS has to start several apps before it lets you use the PC.

Because of this, sometime you may want to keep some non-mandatory apps from initializing automatically during Windows startup.

Here’s how you can do so:

Step 1
Get to the Startup window

Type STARTUP APPS in the Cortana search box, and click Startup Apps from the Settings section (sometime appears under the Best match list) of the results. This opens the Startup window. Here you can find all the apps that are or can be configured to initialize automatically during Windows 10 startup.


Step 2
Turn off unwanted programs

Turn off the toggle switch for the unwanted programs (AcroTray and Adobe Updater Startup Utility for this example). This keeps the disabled apps from starting along with Windows 10. Repeat the process for all other programs you don’t want the operating system to launch from the next start and onward.



Step 3
Test your changes

Close the Startup window, and restart the computer to see if Windows 10’s boot time is reduced after the above modifications.
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