Question How To Backup all of My Email Address on my Android Phone ?


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Nov 18, 2020
I have one android phone from about 3 years ago
and I make many email account with this phone I have about 27 Gmail address on this android phone -And i make all of Gmail address with this phone
But now I want to sell this phone - the problem is , Is there any application or anyway that i make backup of all of my grail address ? - I don't want backup from my inbox email -
I just want to copy all email address from my this phone to local for example to my computer - berceuse there is many email address so its take many time for manually copy all of them

* Another important thing is - even if i copy all of the my Gmail account then the problem is for example when i want to login to my gmail from my Computer Desktop then Gmail ask me for example verify yourself by your android phone ( there is no problem for now ) But i want to sell this so when I reset it to default factory phone and when i sold this phone then how can i verify myself again ? Because at that time I no longer have that phone

Is there anyway to unsync my phone from this email address that Gmail don't want again verification from me ?


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Sep 30, 2005
I am assuming you will get another phone? Will it be android? If so all you have to do os add those accounts to the new phone and all the stuff will sync, assuming you saved them to your account and not just your phone. You can backup everything on your gdrive to your desktop as well.