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How To Add Music From PC To iPhone By Fixing The 'Unable To Add Music' Error

iPhone has become very popular among people owing to the variety of cool features that enables the users to experience a very intuitive and responsive user interface. The users can enjoy listening to music from their iPhone device. iTunes help in transferring the music files from PC to iPhone by the drag and drop method. Here is how you can add the music from the system to the iPhone by following the above steps

Step 1
Select ‘iTunes’

The foremost step is to ensure that the iTunes application is downloaded and installed on your computer. As shown below, you will have to click the ‘iTunes’ application to launch and enable the transfer of music to iPhone.

Step 2
'Drag and Drop' the Music Files from PC to iTunes

The user has to ensure that the latest iTunes version is used. You can now select the music files from your PC. Here the ‘Music’ files from the desktop are dragged and dropped to the songs folder in the iTunes library.

Step 3
Connect your iPhone with Computer

The user has to connect the iPhone device with the computer through the lightning cable. Once done, you will find the iPhone symbol and the name of your iPhone visible in the iTunes application as shown below. Click the ‘Phone Icon’ as shown below.

Step 4
Select ‘Manually Manage Music and Videos’

Now after clicking the phone symbol, you will find a variety of option. The user has to enable the checkbox for ‘Manually Manage Music and Videos’ option as shown below. This will help you in adding the files from iTunes to the iPhone.

Step 5
Drag and Drop Music Files from iTunes to iPhone

Now from the songs folder in the iTunes, you can select ‘Multiple Music Files’ to be transferred to the iPhone. Drag and Drop the music files to the iPhone as shown below.

You can now add the music to the iPhone from your computer easily using iTunes application by following the above steps.
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