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how do we lobby?

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Feb 13, 2010
nvidia should not be obligated to pay taxes (not even payroll) yet there should be gradually restricted protection of their patents issued through today until:
they make all their drivers open source or make a fully programmable architecture.

int64, int32, and 100% IEEE-754 compliant (latest version approved as of today 10/26/14) FP64 1/32 of FP32 are definitely optimal. Or ARM doing it is okay as programming is as important the metal (maybe an ARM uArch with close to IEEE-754 for double precision floating point).

i mean, they're already falling behind on schedule although the FinFet+ can pick things up.

AMD has good people too, but their name recognition isnt as high and I just don't want them to go bankrupt or having to borrow too much cash trying to copy nvidia's best. AMD is also too pro-console while I prefer PCs. nvidia is in the higher position so i don't want them out of business especially since i do prefer their products and always have. their cash from suing samsung assuming they win or have won, shouldn't go to waste.

the wall between State and business needs to be stronger than non-existent in the future, but i can't be incredibly efficient so i don't want to have to take over a firm nor start a new one nor work directly for the u.s. govt or any agency with revenues more than 10% from taxes.
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