hope someone can help me....


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Oct 18, 2000
i have a toshiba laptop and i am not sure if this is even the correct place to ask this. But, anyway, here goes. I have never had any problems with my laptop and i have almost had it a year. My problem comes in the fact , that all of the sudden my icons on my desktop do that tricky crap and move right when my mouse is about to touch them and the icons move to another part of my desktop. I dont know what is happening and i havent d'loading anything to make it to that. Also, my computer seems really sluggish in the fact that webpages and stuff are opening kind of slow for some reason. I defragmented a few weeks ago, and just curious as to what i could do to solve these 2 problems.....

thank you so much


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Jul 5, 2000
Either you have a virus or a prank virus, run a virus scan or check what is in the Start----> Programs ----> Startup, for starters.

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