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hooking up with strangers pRon...

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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: SherEPunjab
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"All performers are given the opportunity to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases at no charge to themselves within a reasonable amount of time before their performance. All activity is arranged and discussed in advance of filming and every effort is made to insure the health and safety of the performers and to ensure that their performance is a pleasant and enjoyable experience."

ya know, i just cant believe how many 'actresses' there are. there must be thousands. i guess i never knew the industry was so large. i always thought these sites were made by young guys like 20-30 with shoestring budgets and such...
Most of these sites are made with a relatively cheap production budget (as if you couldn't tell) and i bet a lot of them were just some poor bums with a good idea. But i would assume they're rich now, because the kinky idea of hooking up with strangers, although fake, is a fetish most guys would love to pursue. Basically they're living out the fantasies we don't have the balls to do, but big budget porn companies completely over looks.

Of course thats just my idea, and im probably wrong.
The thing is, even if they are pre-planned, i bet a lot of the girls aren't professionals. Paid, yes, but professional in the sense that this is their source of livelihood - no way. Some of them are too out of shape, simple, plain, and normal to be profesional. if this is true, and i think it is, i think its surprising that so many chicks would put out for a little money. I thought more of them had more self respect than to do that. in any case, its a great business opportunity. i wouldn't do it personally, but i can see why some choose to. its not exactly boring, easy, and you get paid well. just one video clip that costs them say 1,000 finished, can probably serve 10,000 clients paying maybe 10 bucks a month or whatever they charge.
True, i never said they were all pro's, because whether you're in Hollywood, or porn (if there's a difference) you gotta start somewhere. It doesn't matter if they're pro's or amatuers, the main point is that they're paid actors. And on another note, I'm so suprised how many girls are actually in porn... I mean, you ever go to an image site, and just keep clicking links upon links to the point where you wonder how many girls actually do this?! Jeez, makes you wonder how easy some women really are
thats what surprises me too. not that i spend hours each day clicking on thumbnails upon thumbnails.. but thats what i mean, there must be thousands, tens of thousands, and many of them DO appear to be amateurs. who are these girls, and where can i find them? :p

They look like normal, all american, your next door type girls. its amazing they would do these things.
dude...... remeber to shave the hair off your palms


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Sep 26, 2001
You'd see some of these girls doing regular porn so no they're not real.
Great concept though...from the normal porn.

It surprise me too that so many of these gorgeous girls choose to do porn....I think alot of them thinks they will become the next Jenna Jameson.


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Feb 18, 2000
Well, they might as well get paid. I knew plenty of girls that would render their services to just about anyone for free (or a few beers).


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Jun 19, 2001
forgot the name of it but there's one that is real...

it involves some girls that will go out and find guys to perform w/ them...they'll show them approaching and then film the guy signing the legal forms etc...

I'm sure someone here is familiar w/ the site..