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Info History of ATi Graphics cards Vol. 1

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Dec 7, 2003
See, if nvidia would have just put a SODIMM slot on the 3080 like ATI did with that last Rage 128, none of this recent gnashing of teeth would be necessary.


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Feb 11, 2020
Thank you all! I am very glad that the history of graphics cards written by me as a hardware collector can also be liked by you. Collecting computer hardware for nearly two decades, I have been planning to write the history of 3DFX, ATI, NVIDIA, INTEL and other graphics cards, both for the forgotten graphics cards and to promote the collection of computer hardware.
I have completed the history of INTEL graphics cards, and the history of ATI graphics cards is now half written. The history of 3DFX graphics cards has been written for voodoo and voodoo2 graphics cards. Because I don't have engineering samples of voodoo RUSH, the history of 3DFX graphics cards is not finished. I always believe that the history of graphics cards does not involve engineering samples and there is no depth, just like The collection without Engineering samples was only an entry-level collection. I have collected RUSH engineering samples in the past few days, and I will finish writing the history of 3DFX graphics cards soon. NVIDIA's graphics card history is also being written, coming out this month. Hope you all like it.
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