High Encryption Pack for Windows XP Home ?


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Sep 14, 2000
I have been told by a website I visit that I need to download the High Encryption pack for Windows XP.

They provide a link for support here

I have also had this email:

> Thanks for your e-mail. If you are running Windows XP Home Edition then
you will need to download and instal 'Microsoft High Encryption Windows XP 128
bit' to resolve the problems.

Best wishes,
Racing Post Customer Services

I don't think there is a High Encryption pack for Windows XP. The only thing I have found is for Pocket PC (Here)

Can anyone tell me if there is a High Encryption pack for Windows XP or what indeed I can do.




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Feb 1, 2001
It supports 128bit encryption OOTB unless you have some funky foreign version. Do a help/about in IE and what's the cipher strength?


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Dec 19, 2002
Odd. It speaks of needing 128 bit encryption yet I was under the impression XP only came with 128 bit by default.
Go to Help at the top of IE and then click on about. It should tell you your encryption level next to Cipher Strength.
Now there are 128 bit encryption packs for Windows 98, NT and 2000 but not for XP. You can look here and see the ones listed.

As I said XP should be set for 128 bit by default. What does yours how under Help/About??

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