Help with failed RAID controller

Discussion in 'Memory and Storage' started by Dug, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Dug

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    We had 1 drive fail in a RAID 1 configuration.
    Then the RAID controller went bad. (Confirmed after calling Dell)
    Before the new raid controller comes in, is there a way to make a duplicate of the good drive.

    I have a new hard drive that is the same.
    I have an external USB hard drive caddy.
    I've use clonezilla all the time to back up systems.

    I'm just worried about what a different windows machine would do to the drive if I plugged it in without using the same controller.
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  3. bigi

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    Nah... too much trouble

    Set up your new array and restore your stuff from backup.
  4. heymrdj

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    Each Raid 1 disk normally works by itself. When my 8308elp failed i just unplugged one of the raid 1 disks and plugged it into the main board as a normal disk and stint to boot. In fact server is still running off of the one disk as I'm getting ready to build into a new server, didn't want to waste money on another old controller.

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