Help ! ViperII Z200 on win XP


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Jan 9, 2002
The driver works correctly. But the TV-OUT options doesnt appear anywhere in the display configuration tab.

Does someone know how to make the TVOUT work ????

Please help


Thanks !


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Feb 29, 2000
I can't guarantee this for sure, but the latest Viper II Windows 2000/XP drivers (released April 2002, read newer drivers!!!) should give you back TV Out control as well as allow you to run OpenGL programs properly (the normal XP driver has no OpenGL support or TV Out options).

These were available for download at S3Graphics but they have since been dropped with all remaining support for the Savage 2000 and are no longer available. For a short time only, I have put them on my own personal web space. Anyway, here it is, the last reference driver for the Savage 2000 in Win 2K/XP (as far as I know), version 9.21.01G.

If this doesn't work in XP (have only used driver in Win2K and TV-out control is there), you can try JGC's tweaked drivers for XP, but these are less stable and reliable in programs.