Help overclocking Q6600 on a Foxconn P9657AA mobo


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Jan 7, 2008
I have recently upgraded my pc and now I'm looking at overclocking it. I am new to the overclocking world but do have some basic ideas. I have a Q6600 with an Artic Freezer7 for cooling and running a Foxconn P9657AA-8EKRS2H mobo. I have 3gb of DDR2-667 (2x512mb and 2x1gb). I have tried to increase the FSB and I can only get it to 300mhz. Anything higher and it will either crash or not boot at all. I would like to get it to 9x333mhz= 3ghz but I can't do it. Is it the mobo or memory that is restricitng me or do I just need some help with voltages and settings?

Any help would be very welcome


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Jan 4, 2008
First, make sure your memory bus speed is *unlinked* from the CPU/FSB speed, otherwise you may be unintentionally OCing your RAM too much. Second, monitor all your temps; unlike the stock Intel CPU cooler, the Freezer7 Pro does not blow air down and out in all directions. Some motherboards rely on this secondary cooling function of the stock CPU cooler in order to cool components such as the north bridge and PWM area. You can also try boosting the CPU and/or north bridge voltage a notch or two.