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help overclocking my A64 3400+

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Jul 1, 2005
Originally posted by: Hacp
Originally posted by: Modular
Updating the BIOS can unlock newer features and increase stability. For example: your "CPU Clock" reading maxes out at 232, but it's possible that with a newer BIOS it will actually max out at a much higher number, thus allowing you to get a much faster overclock out of your CPU.

As an aside, I noticed that your CPU temp in BIOS was already at 52C. That's something to be concerned about as that is a reading under no stress and at stock speeds. I would recommend cleaning the heatsink and fan that are on the CPU before overclocking or over-volting. Just use a can of compressed air and spray out all the dust (be sure to do this outside as you don't want to breathe that dust in!).

I didn't have a socket 754 3400, but I did have the 939 one and man did that thing scream! Happy overclocking!
That isn't a high temp for 754. I had a 3000+ that idled around there. They are 130nm chips after all.
Ah, gotcha. I stand corrected.