Help on a laptop install please.

Invisible Evil

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Dec 7, 2004
Interesting situation.
I have a Dell Lattitude ls400.
This is a slim laptop w/ no optical drive or floppy.
Although there are some drives available I do not have one for it.

I need to install a new HDD and the problem is that the BIOS doesnt have a setting for
USB boot device which is what the ext. cd rw I have is.

SO? any suggestions?

p3 750
512mb ram



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Feb 16, 2006
Take hard drive out, get a 2.5" adapter to the desktop or the usb one. Partiton the drive 80/20%. Copy windows cd to the 2nd partition and install off that 2nd partition if you have an usb dos boot disk.

Or use the usb to desk dongle, clone the old hd to the new one. Unless your old one isn't accessable

the only other way is create a usb boot disk with mslan manager and boot into a share network drive and install from there.. but that would require a server or something..


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Oct 8, 2004
Hi, If you can swing it, get it on a net. The install can then be done with the install programs on the server. Good Luck, Jim