help! not getting any sound from new rig


May 27, 2005
Hey all,

I just bought a new athlon64 rig, with a dfi ultra-d motherboard. The installation was a breeze and most things are up and running. However, I am getting no sound at all. I installed the drivers off the CD and windows recognized them fine; and the karajan module is installed properly as well. The speakers worked with my previous rig, if I move the plug around near the module you can hear the crackling noise.

Volume control looks fine.

I am using windows media player 10 playing a default beethoven mp3.


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Apr 23, 2004

Originally posted by: rod
I just had this problem a few weeks ago.

If you're using win2k, you need service pack 3 (pref. 4). If using XP, sp1 (or pref. sp2) should be all you need. Once you've installed the service pack, you need to change a value in the registry. If you dont want to do this yourself, maxtor has a free download on their site that will do it for you. (it works on any hard drive, not just maxtor. mine is a WD and it worked fine).
Download is here:

So Basically:
1)installing the service pack
3)run the program from maxtor
4)reboot again.
Now your problem should be fixed. Also, if you already have the service pack installed, you can skip steps 1&2.

{If all this doesnt work, it may be your MoBo. If your MoBo is more than a few years old, you may need to flash it to update the BIOS.}




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Jan 4, 2004
Can someone who's good with words make a basic explanation of why this happens & how to fix it?

I'm not good explaning things simply, but we really need a sticky explaining the fix for this, as we get this same post from people who don't search every day...