HELP needed! MoBo replaced but no picture or beep codes!!


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Mar 9, 2002
i swapped my MoBo over from a KT133a Gigabyte board to the ECS K7S5A board.

i thought the board was in good condition, but .....................

i hit the power button, the CD-ROM light lights up (on for about 10 seconds then off then on)
the FDD light lights up & stays lite, but put a disk in & it doesnt try & read it.

theres no picture, have had the monitor flicker out of standby but not for long.

theres no keyboard lights at all,

the LAN cards' light flickers as per normal.

the fans are going

i unplugged all the IDE cables & the CD-ROM & FDDs' lights go on & off like a normal boot.

but above all theres no beep codes at all.
the speaker cable is plugged in , but no internal sound at all.

makes me things its set up ok, but cant get a picture or any beeps

i am beginning to think the board is damaged ????

anyone had this before ???
i have cleared CMOS too......

checked RAM & VGA in (often get caught there)

thanx for any help, bit of a rush to get my system up & running again , u know



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Apr 30, 2002
First, take your motherboard off the case and place it on a piece of hard paper or something, make sure there's no contact b/w the board and the case.
Remove all of you hardware, only use CPU+HSF, video card, mouse and keyboard and power it up, try to reseat your CPU and video card and Rams.
remove the power connector, clear CMOS and plug it on again, power up and see if it boot


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Feb 6, 2001
Went through the same thing last week. Way to troubleshoot:

  • Completely remove the motherboard from the case
  • Only have the CPU (w/heatsink & fan of course), RAM, and video card installed
  • Use the power button (if you have the power lead attached to the motherboard) to turn on the PC

You should see the BIOS screen. In my case, the motherboard was dead, which was amusing since it was brand spanking new. We (me and the guys at the store) troubleshooted as above. Put the CPU, RAM, and video card into another new motherboard, same model, everything was fine.

The guys at the store told me that they are getting a LOT of new motherboards that are bad, more than ever before. The DDR generation boards are crap compared to the 133 and 100 SDRAM generation, in terms of quality.