HELP: My laptop screen is all red filtered!


Apr 21, 2002
Problem description:

I was just sitting browsing on my 3 months old Compaq X1000 laptop and then all of a sudden the screen just goes all red colored like! (white is pink, yellow is orange...)

Video card is ATI - Mobility Radeon 9200

1) when I rebooted it, the "Compaq" logo was in it's usual color (default red), and white was white..., but that logo screen is BIOS fed and 320x240 resolution so... but I have not seen any color changes at that level;

2) However when I go to BIOS set up I've seen color changes there, white gets pink edges... and so on...

3) And I have never seen color changes at OS selection screen (Win XP selection screen)

4) Also as soon as it goes into loading Win XP it was in funky red color!

5) And it seems like the refresh rate is a bit drooped or something because certain colors (blue) are flashing and there might be flowing bars...

What I've tried to fix this
No resolution yet with any of the following:

1) Immediately went to "display properties" and nothing changed with lower resolution/color depth.

2) I have the latest anti-virus running Norton and F-Stop... (also tried killing all running processes (thinking there is a program running causing this) w. no success)

3) Restarted in safe mode and exact same thing

4) Upgraded Video card (ATI - Mobility Radeon 9200) drivers from Compaq X1000 website

5) Upgraded BIOS from Compaq X1000 website.

6) Connected my PC CRT regular VGA monitor side by side AND the laptop feed show up on my PC CRT monitor FINE, all the colors are correct, while at the same time they are all red enriched on my laptop!
(This may very well mean that my video card is OK, and my monitor is failing OR as someone suggested that such symptom is often caused due to ribbon cable connecting the display to the motherboard coming loose from the ZIF socket.)

This is what I have done so far.

The laptop CRT goes on and off for no reason (could this rule out the cable being loose?) just sitting on my desk and going to red colored for x # of minutes then back to normal for x # of minutes then back again... it's very sad...

!*!*! I'm afraid to call Compaq Tech support because if they rule it's the screen and it is not covered, then they will deny any repayment and tell me I'm on my own! !*!*!

I do not know what to do?
What are your suspicions and suggestions?


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Nov 12, 2002
Its a loose connection. My Dell does the exact same thing. There's a 'spot' on the back of the screen that I can press that *poof* makes it disappear. Grow a pair and contact Compaq support.