help me with my Plextor PX - 716 SA SATA


May 4, 2005
i have a dfi ultra-D, and amd 3500, and seagate barracuda 250gb, 1gb kinston hyperx

i installed windows XP, and everything worked fine..
while booting windows, the boot screen takes only 1 sec, to log in..

now i plugged in the plextor sata, the boot screen took like about 15 sec...
i installed easy media creator, and tried to burn a dvd, it didnt burn, always 1% status

i installed nero, it cashes the file, but the buffer level is always null, it doesnt start, and the status is always 1%

i installed plextools, also the same problem, the buffer level is NULL

and now if i want to put a cd, it takes him about 7-8 sec to load, even if it is empty,
i can't copy anything, and my system is getting slow, when i remove the sata plextor, everything goes back to normal, and the windows load screen takes only 1 sec!

what is the problem?


May 7, 2005
I assume the seagate barracuda 250gb, is an IDE drive.

These symptoms are usually due to an incorrect jumper setting on one or more IDE hard drives. This situation is similar, except that it involves an IDE and a SATA. Thinking of the situation in a similar manner would tell me to check the jumper setting on the single seagate IDE drive and make sure the jumper is set for Master, CS (Cable Select), or no jumper for a single drive. These settings depend on the drive manufacturer and I have never worked with a Seagate hard drive, so I do not know which is correct.

Next, ensure the optical cd/dvd drive is jumpered correctly for its position, which is probably as master on the second IDE cable.

Then, ensure the plextor SATA's cable connections are fully and properly connected in the SATA 1 motherboard slot. SATA connections are numbered in priority and are each a Master drive as a method to move away from jumper problems with two drives on a cable. So they each have their own cable. It would make sense to me for the computer to have difficulty if the only SATA drive was connected to the SATA 2 motherboard connection instead of SATA 1.

Then, ensure the bios properly detects each hard drive in its proper position.


Nov 7, 2004
Have you checked the PX-716SA - Serial ATA Compatibility List on the Plextor Web Site? I believe it is under Support there. There is a list of motherboards that work with the SATA Drive and at the bottom of the list are also add-on PCI cards that work with it.