Help me figure out how to hook this receiver/monitors combo.


Jan 20, 2010
The hardware:

My PC: Intel i7 4770, MSI Z87 MPower motherboard, 8 GB RAM, Radeon R9 280X video card, Onboard Intel HD 4700 video.

Two monitors: Dell U2312HM, with VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort inputs.

One receiver: Yamaha RX-V373


Intel HD video must be enabled in some form, because I use it for QuickSync transcoding. Sound run through the Yamaha receiver. The computer is used for gaming and watching movies; when I watch movies, I use Plex, which sends the signal to the receiver directly, so TrueHD decoding, etc.


I've tried hooking this up a bunch of different ways, and all of them seem to have their drawbacks. For a long time, I hooked both monitors up to the AMD video card, and just had the HDMI (Intel) go to the Receiver. Problem? I can't run sound only on HDMI; Windows apparently needs to run the video if it wants to run the audio, so I end up with a "virtual" 3rd monitor that my desktop extends onto and I can't see. Doesn't stop things occasionally from popping up on it though. For some reason the prompt after trying to empty the recycle bin, for example, always wants to come up on that "monitor". It was annoying enough that I'm trying to find a different way.

So, next try, I ran one monitor to the AMD card, and ran the HDMI out on the receiver to my 2nd monitor, with an HDMI to DVI converter. This eliminates the problem of the virtual 3rd desktop; however, when the computer goes to sleep, my 2nd monitor won't anymore. As long as the receiver is on, that monitor shows blackness, rather than powering off. Again, not preventing it from working, but annoying.

Is anyone familiar with another way to hook all this up that will work without the weird odd annoyances?


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Apr 26, 2007
for gaming in 5.1/7.1, if using optical out you're going to need to get a soundcard that can encode dts/dolby digital 5.1. Most games are PCM, and optical can't do 5.1/7.1 PCM
the alc 1150 doesn't seem to be able to do that encoding :(.