Help Me Diagnose This, Out of Ideas Now

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Nov 10, 2007
I think I may have figured this one out guys... but I won't know until I have a new power supply and cables.

Upon close inspection it looks like, and I don't know for sure, but the card may have been drawing so much power from a single PCIe power connector on the PSU that it actually fused the end of the cable into the port! I couldn't get the cable out, not even with pliers! The end of the cable actually snapped right off with two teeth still stuck in the power supply board so I think that might be what's up--or that once the card starting to draw heavy power the supply was cutting it off if there was a spike or short or something. Gah, that doesn't seem possible but needless to say I think I'll leave the power limit alone and use two separate cables with the new power supply! :eek:
Seasonic X850? Possibly a defect in the cable or in the plug. Max GPU settings should pull around 400w. The physical connectors on the cables and plugs are rated way over the stated PCI-E spec.


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Sep 1, 2010
yea that's what I figured and I took the unit apart to have a look at the back of the connectors and didn't spot any burnt or corroded leads.

this, however, was a little troubling:

I still can't get these two pins out; I'd like to because I think this power supply is still usable but I'd like to cap that one socket off.