Heaven and Hell (a resurrected cr4zymofo joke)


Aug 11, 2003
I hitched this with the Brutuskend (Justice joke), but due to popular demand, I thought it deserves it's own thread.

A guy died, went to heaven and was given two choice, and gets to spend a day in hell and a day in heaven so he can decide (since his death was "untimely"). First he spent a day in heaven, and saw the a lot people jumping from cloud to cloud and playing harps, and everything was white. "Too boring" he thought. So the next day, he went to hell, he saw every one was partying, all the earthly sins were celebrated and everyone seemed happy. As the Devil gave him a tour of hell, they came to a cell where a guy is chained up on the wall a a beautiful blonde was giving him a... you know. The guy thought to himself, well shiet, hell couldn't be that bad, so he told the Devil that he wanted to stay in hell, turned to the blonde, the Devil said :"You're free to go, there's another sucker here to replace you."