headphone EMI noise with gigabyte mobo

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Jun 27, 2005
So have you received your new Asus board and verified the Gigabyte boards have defective audio yet?
Oh yeah I forgot to update. The new Asus board did not have the EMI problem. However, I didn't like the audio quality on the Asus board - it sounds like it has some bass boosting or dynamic range compression or something. It's not faulty, it just sounds...altered in some way. So what I ended up doing is finding my old X-Fi Ti HD in my parts box and using that instead, turns out Creative recently did put out some Windows 10 drivers for it. And that solved all my problems. I could have just stayed with the first gigabyte motherboard if I had known I was going to have to resort to using an old sound card anyway.


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Dec 15, 2016
I am facing the exact same scenario with the same board. the EMI noise is pretty irritating.

To be exact the noise is not just on headphone jacks but also on USB ports. I am using a dedicated USB DAC/AMP combo and the same problem of noise interference persists.

The DAC/AMP is not faulty since I already tested it out on a laptop.
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Aug 30, 2017
(While using Audio-Technica a700 head phones)
I had the same interference issue, almost like I could hear the PC "think".
Heard the mouse scroll in windows, in GPU intensive games (sounds like a very tiny sawmill.. )
After a very long time looking into this matter, only solution that worked for me was using the front facing headphone jack.

As it turns out, the on-board jack catches too much EMI and by hooking up the front facing jack (via internal wiring, which is mostly already there depends on your case brand) I was able to eliminate the sound almost completely.

For those of you that aren't familiar with PC building, here is a link to show you what you need to verify: https://youtu.be/f1X2Wpwl4dg?t=293

When you think about it, it's logical - change the interface point to a further point and put some shielding around it (which in this case is a cable, and it's sleeving)

Hope this helps!

TL;DR - try using front facing audio output


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Nov 30, 2018
Hi guys,

I am new here and just found this topic on google. (sry on my bad english btw)

Just want to confirm that I have the exact issuse with my new gaming rig with Gigabyte MB and Gigabyte RTX2080 GPU. I had MSI and Asus boards before and never experienced something like this. When I am in Windows, on IDLE, my GPU fans are at 0%, no noise. But as soon as I load a game, GPU starts to use more power and ugly noise from speakers connected to the SP(green) port at the back of MB, becomes unbearable.

At the end I "fixed" the issue by using the front panel headphone-out for my speakers, where there is no noise at all.

I don't want to exchange the gigabyte board now that I found the "fix" because my system is super stable in all the other areas, but just wanted to add up to this thread that there is actually something very wrong with how gigabyte shield onboard audio. In the picture I attached, I marked the place with X where I think the problem is generated. Somewhere under the GPU. The yellow strip on the board is audio connection. I bet that, if I use some aluminium tape, and manually shield that place on MB, the problem would disappear. :/ frgfrm.JPG