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hdmi sound issues

clueless dummy

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Feb 15, 2013
I am pretty sure there is a posting some where here regarding this issue.

I had a 9 year old Hitachi 60 inch TV which died on me recently. I used to stream movies using Netgear Push to TV (PTV 1000). My Dell laptop (Inspiron N 5110) has WIDI capability. I used to connet PTV 1000 using RCA connector (RWY). Now that my new Vizio E422vle has hdmi ports (no RCA). I connected my PTV 1000 to hdmi 2. However, I get the picture but no sound. Thinking it is a defective hdmi port, I switched from hdmi 2 to 1 but the same result. Mind you, I am using hdmi 1 for Dish with great results. Apart from trying the other hdmi port, I also did a factory reset on ptv 1000. I read online that I am supposed to go into sounds on the computer that I need to display disconnected devices and display disabled devices. I did that but the only device which shows up are speakers/headphone. I am wits end :confused:and deperate for solution. Please help. Thank you :rolleyes:
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