HD Backup Solutions


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Aug 16, 2005

I'm posting on behalf of my brother. He's running a webshop/store, and we talked a bit about security, and a major issue is if there were to be a break in and the computers were stolen/or a hd crash, holding information about the company/economy etc, it would be disastrous.

They have been planning to backup for a while, they got a dvd burner, and I also suggest an portable harddrive like Iomega and using imagedisk programs like Norton Ghost.

Though my brother said that he would like something like an exterior harddrive that would copy the entire drive that needs backup with the press of a button, is there a solution like this? Or can anyone give suggestion on easy-to-use smart solution to backup at least 2-4 computers without any intallation of software/or as little as possible etc, since people at the company except my brother have very limited computer experience.

Thank you for your replies.


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Jul 19, 2005
You know Acronis True Image is a good program too. A lot of Ghost users have been switching over. It is very simple and you need not to be a computer expert to manage it. Besides in contrast to Ghost it can back up files and folders.
You need to install the software only on one computer and then create Acronis Bootable CD using it (this option is visible right away in the application). Thus you receive complete working version of True Image on CD and may use this CD to run TI on other computers and execute imaging process.