Have You Ever Owned A Black And White TV?

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Jun 5, 2007
Back in the early 90's we owned one of those portable tvs that were the size of an alternator. It was B&W and was barely usable.

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May 30, 2000
I had B&W until my brother and I got summer jobs when we were 16 & 17. We brought a 19" color set that year. I still remember how good the NFL looked that first game in color.
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Feb 3, 2021
An in-law gave me my first tv back in 1998. Also gave me my second tv not long after. All tvs were color then, so . . . no.

Fun fact: I've never bought myself a tv.


Jun 2, 2002
I remember my parents having a B&W when i was younger but i've never owned one.

...one night when i was 6 there was a big storm and i was using that little TV to try to find the weather

instead i found a terrifying horror movie, several scenes of which are etched on my brain forever

a guy killing a bunch of people... a guy dying in a grain bin...

i remember it like it was yesterday

Jeebus, i think i remember that movie! And it was pretty good for what it was at the time.

Back in the early 90's we owned one of those portable tvs that were the size of an alternator.
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Aug 10, 2005
Growing up, we had a 13"? black and white tv that out nintendo was hooked up to. We also had a 27" color console that the nintendo wasnt allowed to be hooked up to.
/shakes fist angrily at parents/


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Jul 27, 2004
Didn't get the first TV at home till I was about 7. Could only get 2 channels at the time.

Had B&W TV when we first got married and setup house. FIL had a color set, and it sucked as far as color, so we didn't bother for years till they at least showed people that kinda resembled flesh color.


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Aug 17, 2006
I first saw TV as a small child in the early 50's, when we visited grandparents in a large city. Saturday morning cartoons with lotsa cousins! By late 50's my parents got a Black & White console TV, but picture quality was poor because we were far from the transmitter - improved later when we got a cable service based on a mountain-top antenna system. We married in mid-60's and used a tabletop B&W hand-me-down TV for several years. Watched the moon landing on that. Got our first used console colour unit in mid 70's, I think, and I read and learned all I could about how it worked and how to optimize the colour display system. Up to then all were tube systems with rotary "turret tuners". Somewhere in there we got into home video cameras in place of older 8mm movie systems, and of course VCR's. Later we got a tabletop 19" colour TV with solid state circuitry and a digital tuner (still analog TV signals) fed by a cable TV service. For over a decade now we've had a flat-screen colour LED 30" from Samsung, 1080p resolution, digital and analog signal capable. Mostly now it is used fed from a computer DVR-like system, but can use sometimes for over-the-air broadcasts - no cable service used. Still have VCR's, a couple with DVD drives in them, not used often.

We still have an odd TV-Clock-Radio unit in our bedroom with a small (5" diagonal) B&W screen. Picture was small and not great quality, but now it is useless for TV - only has an older analog tuner system.
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Sep 7, 2001
Have not 'owned' one myself but used one when I was at home with my parents, had it in my room for the last few years. Smallish, around 13" or 15".