Has anyone figured out the trick behind Blaine's new stunt?

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Feb 10, 2003
Hahaha and people have been throwing eggs at his box and some crazy man tried to climb down to reach him, I thought that was funny. To be honest, i'm not even remotely impressed by his latest stunt and I don't know what he's trying to prove or accomplish. Obviously he has nutrients in his water or he would die, simple. But it doesn't really rate as one of the most impressive feats accomplished by mankind...


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May 27, 2003
He has a tube going to the box. Obviously he will be receiving more than just water through the tube over the next 44 days.
All of his stunts involve deception, this one will be no different.


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Oct 11, 2000
Originally posted by: Skoorb
Where the "magic"? The icecube crap and this solitary confinement gig isn't magic, but endurance feats.
The ice thing he had a trick so that he wasn't actually in the ice for that 4 days; he was swapping out with somebody below him. At least I saw that on one show - I think he used this trick.

I thought nutrients in the water but since it's been tested perhaps not. Course that could be a diversion of some kind.

Frankly if he makes it 44 days with ONLY water I'll fail to believe that he didn't cheat somehow. He was a small guy to begin with. He had little fat and muscle and it seems like he would be a very poor contender for a 44 day fast.

He was pretty lean and somewhat bulky before in his other tricks. But in this one he added quite a bit of fat to himself. When he first went in he was very much on the *fat* side. But a good thing as he is going to be not eating food...