Hardware Questions -- Need Updates/Compatability Answers


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May 11, 2001
My life has been at a stand still in the hardware/computer field as of late. Things have taken me in a different direction, and now finally, after several months, I would like to upgrade my computers. But, for example, the Geforce 6800 was the last I heard which was considered "the best".

So here are my following questions, and hopefully one of you will be kind enough to take the time to answer them:

1. What are the latest Motherboards? Which brands are the gurus excited about? and which motherboards are compatible with the best processors and video cards?

2. I recently purchased a used computer system from my a friend of mind. The motherboard is an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe. Is this motherboard compatible with the latest video cards that are out today, as well as latest AMD Processors? It supports what I once new to be the latest, "AMD Athlon 64 bit architecture". Anything new since then?

3. What are the latest video cards? First ATI had the upperhand, but then nVidia gained the upper hand last time I heard. Shader 3.0 changed a lot, and nVidia was the winner. Have things change since then? What are the new chipsets? Which video card now has the upperhand? (also mention price comparisons)

4. Where can I obtain a good, flat-screen/flat-panel monitor that is 21" or more, and WIDESCREEN? I want a monitor that is between the $300-$400 price-range, and that has good refresh rate. A monitor that would be great for high-graphical Real-Time-Strategy Games, such Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War. Which one of these, for example?: http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/SubCategory.asp?SubCategory=20&page=3

5. Any tips on RAM?

6. Will my power supply "Thermaltake 420 WATT w/ sata connectors" handle the latest video cards/motherboard?

7. What are the better processors? Is AMD still ahead as far as gaming is concerned?

Hopefully you can answer these questions for me when you get a chance. It will be greatly appreciated, and it will save me a lot of time. Feel free to provide me URLs to the various sites that talk about the latest hardware as well. Thanks.



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Mar 28, 2005
Dude, you're pretty bold... ;)

1. Start with the processor, then pick the motherboard.
2. No. That motherboard has an AGP slot, all new-gen video cards are PCI-e
3. Read through the "Video" section of this forum, all answers there.
4. See the LCD buyer's guide in "Video."
5. If you're overclocking, get the best you can afford. If not, get "value ram" from Corsair, OCZ or Kingston.
6. Not a reliable PSU. Search through threads in General Hardware for recommendations.
7. AMD has the upper hand, for now. If you're not planning on purchasing and building for a few months, look into the new Conroe processor from Intel.

Building a machine isn't something to save time on, otherwise you'll be second guessing yourself. If you want to save time, buy a pre-built system.



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Sep 22, 2005
Lysimachus, you've been here for nearly 5 years. do you not know that the AnandTech main site has many benchmarks answering your questions? i'll answer the questions not there, the rest is your job. learn to read.

1. check AnandTech
2. if it's s939, yes for the cpus. if it's pci-e, yes for the graphics card. no new thing really from amd. check AnandTech for latest AMD cpus (coming out in 6 weeks or so)
3. check AnandTech and newegg for prices of the cards compared
4. check Video forum (i don't know the answer)
5. tips? what tips? on overclocking? if it's about parts, check AnandTech. main brands to look for: g.skill, corsair, ocz.
6. no
7. check AnandTech. check Intel's Conroe cpu benchmarks to see if you're interested in waiting.