Hamster on the Dyno... GOT VTEC?!

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Dec 11, 2002
Originally posted by: jimbob200521
Originally posted by: RedArmy
Not bad, but I kinda doubt thats a Honda engine (at least a VTEC one). You never hear it switch over and it definitely has a turbo. Whatever though.
Actually the VTEC kicks in between the 5 & 6 second mark. Also, although I'm not as sure about this part, I don't think it has a turbo, as you never hear a blow off valve.

Edit: It may have a Supercharger, though. That may be what the "spooling up" sound is coming from.
superchargers doesn't sound like that. They sound like a mechanical whine. That's the turbo spooling up sound. The clip probably started when the turbo already started to spool up. Turbos don't all have blow off valve noises.