GTX 660 or AMD Offering?

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Aug 23, 2012
Though I haven't placed the order yet, I have decided I will likely buy a 7950 + a new PSU, put those into my current system, and then transfer them out when I build my Haswell rig. Thank you for the suggestions. I agree with a comment made, that buying a graphics card with my current PSU in mind would be kinda silly.

good decision. HD 7950 boost is the best price perf high end card in the market. get a quality 500 - 550w psu like rosewill capstone 550 or seasonic s12ii 520. good luck :thumbsup:


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Sep 6, 2005
While a 7950 is great for the money, it's still a waste of money considering you don't need it and cannot use the extra power.

Stick with the 660, it's cheap now and fits in exactly in line with your needs. You're going to pay about $100 more for a 7950 and you won't see any of that benefit until your Haswell rig.

Sell the 660 later and get a 7950 if you find you're going to need the extra power, but only do so at the time you need it. You'll find that the 660 is enough for a lot of modern games too, at reasonable settings.