Gripe: SUV driver.

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Oct 9, 1999
How about some constructive input on this model:

1988 F150 PICKUP 1/2 Ton
Body Style: Styleside 8'
Model Number: F15*
Weight: 3,713
Low Retail: $2,850
Average Retail: $3,950
High Retail: $5,125

Price From:

Anybody own a similar model? I happen to own an '88 E150 and it's been doing pretty good. Should I go older to stay away from the fuel injection and computer controlled everything? How about Chevy instead? Which V8 seems to be holding up best from this vintage? Auto transmission to watch out for? I know some of the 4 speed GMs like to "hunt". My Ford is good about that, but it's geared low.

Perhaps I should go really old. Into the '60s? A flairside might actually look pretty good. Not that I care about the looks of a pickup much, but my son sure might. So, let's hear some suggestions. I want about a $5,000 or less 1/2 ton, V8 that's as trouble free and cheap & easy to fix as possible.